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Oceanside Gymnastics has many different classes for every age and skill level. From walking to 18 years old. We do it all! Please select a class from the links below to learn more.

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*Discounts do not apply to competitive team rates


Lil' Hoppers

45 minutes - In this parent and toddler class for children walking to 3 years old, an instructor teaches the parent and the parent teaches the child. Students will develop a longer attention span, better body movement and concept understanding.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $103

5 weeks, 2x a week: $172.01


45 minutes - This class is for children 3 to 4.5 years old; this level emphasizes the development of positive social and emotional skills, independent thinking, body awareness, relationships and directionality. Students learn rolls, basic jumps, hops, body positions and much more. At this level the child is mentally capable of participation without a parent. They begin the early stages of sequencing with simple obstacle courses.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $108

5 weeks, 2x a week: $180.36


50 minutes - This class is for children 4.5 to 5.5 years old; your child's development of strength, sequencing and responding to visual cues are emphasized at this level. Children learn beginning handstands, leaps, body positions, skill names and much more. The student will learn to do a backward roll down a wedge-shaped mat, a seat drop on the trampoline, and is ready to learn cartwheels.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $108

5 weeks, 2x a week: $180.36

Super Cricket

50 minutes - This class is for children 5.5 to 6.5 years old; at this level the students learn cartwheels, basic bridges, backward rolls (on floor), basic body form (including straight legs and pointed toes), and much more. Super Crickets work in both our "Red Room" (pre-school area) and our "Blue Room" (11,000 square feet with Olympic equipment) as they are preparing to transition into our school-age programs.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $108

5 weeks, 2x a week: $180.36

Girls Recreational

Cartwheels & Round-Offs

60 minutes - This is the level at which we separate the boys and the girls so that they can work on their own apparatus specialties. Students work foundation skills on all Olympic events and trampoline, including cartwheels and round-offs on floor, walks, jumps and holds on beam, strength and swings on bars, basic squat and straddle on vault, and trampoline for body awareness.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $117

5 weeks, 2x a week: $195.39


60 minutes - Now that the foundation skills have been set, some of the more advanced skills start to show themselves in the form of entry level drills. The students work bridge kickovers, front and back walkovers, and form the beginnings of front and back handsprings. They learn basic swings and back hip circles on bars, handsprings on vault, cartwheels and handstands on beam, and much more.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $117

5 weeks, 2x a week: $195.39


60 minutes - Students start to perfect their back walkovers and back handsprings. They continue cartwheels on the beam and move to new heights on the bars. Basic flips are learned on the trampolines.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $117

5 weeks, 2x a week: $195.39


Trampoline n' Tumbling

60 minutes - Need a back handspring, a back tuck or a full? Our TnT classes are designed for middle to high school girls looking to learn or improve their tumbling. The TnT program is divided by age and skill level to provide a fast and progressive learning environment. If you need to improve your tumbling, then this is your class.

5 weeks, 1x a week: $117

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days a week should I register my recreational gymnast?

Knowing your gymnast's goals is important. Are they looking to gain skills and eventually join a gymnastics, cheer, or dance team? Or are they looking for a fun way to have fun while working out?

1 Day per week : A great way to introduce gymnastics as a new sport or develop and advance skills with lower time commitment.

2 Days per week: Good for a gymnast who is determined and looking for quicker skill progression.

3 Days per week: Best for gymnasts looking for accelerated skill development with possibility of transferring to a team program.

When will my gymnast progress to the next level?

Safety is our priority; our coaches assess a gymnast's skill development each class. Once a gymnast demonstrates proficiency in their skills and can navigate independently through circuits, your gymnast will be prepared to learn more difficult skills safely.

Can we make changes to our class schedule?

Should it become necessary to change your class day/time, please contact our office. We are happy to assist you in finding a new class to fit your schedule. Classes can be switched once per session.


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